Scanning Saves Time and Money by
Increasing your Productivity and Efficiency

MyBinStock® comes with a small, yet powerful, hand held bar code scanner. Scan items in your facility, work vehicle, showroom, home garage... any place that has KL Jack offered products and a barcode! Scanning speeds up the process and allows you to quickly place an order... No phone calls, No driving and No searching web pages or catalogs looking for the items you need. 

The scanner can be used by multiple people and each user can have their own user name and account on KLJACK.com. Orders placed by certain users can be setup to be approved by a manger before being processed. Using the MyBinStock® system speeds up the ordering process, eliminates user errors, frees up your time to get more work done, orders are quickly shipped to your facility or you can pick your order up at a local KL Jack Branch.

Placing An Order With Your MyBinStock® Scanner:
  1. Scan all the bar codes of any KL Jack supplied items you need to order (Learn More)
  2. Connect the scanner to your computer
  3. Launch the MyBinStock® Application that is installed on your computer and upload your scanned items to your account
  4. Login to your account, select your uploaded order, add it to your shopping cart.. checkout or continue shopping
  5. Checkout and Review your order, Choose your shipping method, add a PO # and submit your order


MyBinStock® Works For YouScan it as you need it and order it when you're ready 
When you are ready to place an order you simply scan the bar codes on the items you need to order. You can upload your scanned items to your KLJACK.com account immediately, at the end of the day, end of the week or end of the month... MyBinStock® works on your schedule! The scanner stores your scanned bar codes (part numbers) until you're ready to upload them to your KLJACK.com account.

MyBinStock's® Scanner is Simple to Use - Scan, Upload and Receive Your Order!
KL Jack made it a point to make using MyBinStock as simple as possible. From the software that uploads your order, to the scanner itself, we have kept it simple and to the point.
  • Scanner has only two buttons - One button to scan items you need and another button to remove an item from the scanner's storage.
  • Scanner is small and light weight - The scanner is about the same size as car's keyless entry remote
  • Scanner has a long lasting rechargeable battery - You can scan months at a time without having to recharge the battery. To recharge the battery simply plug the scanner into your computer
  • Scanner requires no training or programming - This scanner is a true point and scan system that any user can use.

What Bar Codes Can You Scan?

You can scan the following barcodes:

  • Labeled Bins & Drawers (Learn More)
  • Custom 3-Ring Catalog (Lean More)
  • KL Jack's Boxes, Packaging and marketing materials
  • Most of Our Vendor's Product Packaging (i.e. spray cans, boxes, tags, etc.)