Instant Screen Sharing... Instant Support!


Here's How It Works:

You experience a problem while implementing and/or using the MyBinStock® system. Instead of sending someone out to fix it in person... we have the ability to troubleshoot most issues remotely. Join.me needs minimal technical requirements and zero training is needed to use this simple service. This allows you to go about your business and spend little to no time with the technical stuff... leave it to KL Jack to get you up and running with MyBinStock®.

Steps to Start a Join.me Session:

  1. Go to the REPORT A PROBLEM section of this site and briefly describe your concern. You could simply type "Please call me!" and a support representative will contact you as soon as possible via a phone call.
  2. While you are waiting for a support rep to call you please do the following:
    Click on the following link to join a free remote screen sharing session using a secure KL Jack Join.me account: https://join.me/kljackusa.

    You should see the following screen:
  3. Once you and the support rep are on the phone together the rep will unlock the screen sharing session and begin tech support.
    This simple service allows our support team to see your screen and trouble shoot any issues you may be experiencing in real time.  

Please Call 1-866-417-3626 for Immediate Assistance.