Using the My List feature on KLJACK.com you can easily create your own custom 3-Ring catalog. Why have multiple large & heavy catalogs on your desk that you rarely use? You can simply create a new list using the items your purchase most often from KL Jack and print off a custom 3-Ring styled catalog. Each page is organized by the product type and includes a detailed description, bar code, KL Jack or customer part number, spot to write min / max amounts, unit of measure and a detailed product image.


Simply Log In to KLJACK.com, navigate to the My List section of your My Account landing page and follow these easy steps...

  1. Click on the 'Create a New List' link.

  2. Enter a name for your new shopping list and click submit.

  3. You will now have two options to add items to your list:
    a) Use the 'Add More Items' button that will take you to a blank box where you can type in
        multiple KL Jack part numbers all at once -OR- you can copy & paste multiple part numbers
        from another source such as a usage report or spreadsheet.

    b) Browse KLJACK.com and look for the 'Add To List' button. Once you click on this button it
        will ask you the list you want to add the item(s) to. Select the correct list and repeat until you
       have created the perfect list.    
  4. Once you have successfully added your items to your new list you can now create a .PDF file that you will save to your computer. In the top right corner of the Shopping List page you have created you will see two links: 'Print/Save Labels' and 'Print/Save 3 Ring'. Once you click either one of these links you will be asked where you want to save the file. 


  5. Once the file has been successfully saved, open the file and select FILE --> PRINT. Load your choice of paper stock you want to print on into your printer and print your 3-Ring catalog!
    HELPFUL TIP: Some printers have an option to "Print on Both Sides of Paper" or "Duplex". Selecting this option will allow you to print on both sides of the paper cutting the amount of paper used in half. You can also purchase pre-cut 3-Ring paper that already has the three holes drilled out to allow you to insert your custom catalog into a 3-Ring binder withou manually having to cut the holes.