WHAT IS MyBinStock® ?

KL Jack Industrial Fasteners & Supplies introduces our easy to use MyBinStock® Inventory Management Solution. Save time and money by quickly identifying and reordering the commonly used inventory you purchase from KL Jack. With available custom labels and catalog we make ordering from KL Jack as easy as ever!

  • SCAN - MyBinStock® comes with a small, yet powerful, hand held bar code scanner. Scan items in your facility, work vehicle, showroom, home garage... any place that has KL Jack offered products and a barcode! Scanning speeds up the process and allows you to quickly place an order... No phone calls, No driving and No searching web pages or catalogs looking for the items you need. 
  • UPLOAD - Once you have scanned your order items you simply connect your scanner to your PC and launch the custom MyBinStock® ApplicationLog into KLJACK.com and view your scans on your My Account page. Your scanned items are uploaded in a matter of seconds!
  • ORDER - Choose one of your scanned lists you want to order or edit and add them to your MyBinStock shopping cart. You can easily add additional items to the cart from KLJACK.com, remove items, adjust quantities & units of measure and then proceed to completing your order using your K.L.Jack charge account. As fast as you can type your PO Number and review your ordering preferences, is how long it will take to complete your order!
WHY USE MyBinStock® ?

OWNERSHIP - Take back the ownership of your inventory

  • Order what you want, when you want and how much you want
  • Scan your orders 24/7/365 - Ordering is done on your schedule
  • Review, edit and add to your orders before your commit to placing your order

SAVE TIME - Spend more time running your business and less time figuring out how to place your orders

  • Spend less time driving to branch locations and different suppliers. We deliver your orders same day!*
    *Same day shipping applies to orders placed and processed before 3:30 pm EST
  • Less time writing down orders... Let the scanner do the work for you!
  • Order the correct products. Less errors and miscommunications.

USE ANYWHERE - Keep a scanner with you and your team

  • Scan Orders In:
    • Stock Rooms 
    • Fleet Work Vehicles
    • Job Trailers
    • Remote Job Sites
  • Orders can be setup to be sent to an approving manager who then applies a PO #, Approves the order and then submits the order into our system. Eliminate unnecessary ordering and over-stocking.

NOTE: You must have a kljack.com customer account to use MyBinStock®. Please contact us at 1-866-417-3626 or mybinstock@kljack.com for more information. Or you can fill out a Request Form and we will contact you soon.